Author: Ray Rose

Spinal Injuries & What To Do About Them!

They are the second most common type of injury amongst professional dancers, but they can be horrible! One spinal injury tends to have a ricochet effect, leading to a range of problems with frightening names. Hyperlordosis, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, lumbar fracet sprains, and piriformis syndrome are all on the ‘to be avoided’ list. Here is a

What Is A Dancing ‘Figure’?

Dancing language can often sound like a strange code. With the right guidance and teaching, it is very easy to learn, and anybody can pick it up. Today, we delve into the meaning of a word that every keen dancer will quickly become very familiar with. The figure. What is it, and what does it

Strictly Countdown: What Is A Tango?

It’s almost time! Each year, the BBC series Strictly Come Dancing introduces many new enthusiasts to the dancing community. It also poses a lot of questions for both the uninitiated and the experienced. Interestingly, many professional dancers have never been taught the history or facts behind their most famous moves. In our Strictly Countdown series,