Ballroom & Latin Practice Shoes – Why Quality Should Always Come First

Every professional dancer will appreciate how high quality, comfortable Ballroom and Latin dance shoes improve performance and endurance on the competition dance floor. Yet quality and comfort are equally as important when choosing practice dance shoes for Ballroom and Latin dancing. Whether you’re developing your dance skills or a seasoned competitor, practice is key to perfecting the technique that will help you advance at championship level. Supportive, flexible and breathable dance shoes are essential for maintaining comfort during practice sessions.

Why Quality Matters

Genuine high quality Ballroom and Latin practice dance shoes are designed and manufactured by specialists for professional dancers, teachers and choreographers to provide optimum protection against injury and discomfort during wear. These shoes support and cushion the feet, while distributing the dancer’s weight correctly to improve posture and balance. To maintain shape and strength during periods of extended wear, high quality ballroom practice dance shoes are manufactured from durable sports grade materials.

Whereas high quality practise shoes are designed for longevity, cheaply manufactured shoes made from inferior materials wear and degrade more quickly, requiring frequent replacement. In addition, once you’ve experienced the comfort and support of shoes that have been designed in conjunction with champion dancers, teachers and physiotherapists, you’ll understand why paying a little more for a specialist dance brand is a worthy investment.

What To Look For When Buying High Quality Ballroom Practice Dance Shoes

Like all professional dance shoes, Ballroom practice dance shoes are designed with a suede sole, which enables the dancer to feel contact with the floor through the shoe. The suede sole also provides the perfect level of traction and glide to assist smooth movement on the dance floor. Some cheaper brands of practice shoes have rubber soles; however, these can stick to the floor, impairing fluid motion and placing additional pressure on the knees and joints.

When investing in dependable Ballroom or Latin practice shoes, look for the following desirable features:

Stability – To provide adequate support, practice dance shoes fully enclose the foot within a laced shoe with a closed toe. It is also important to choose a practice shoe with the correct heel height. For Standard dancing, men should choose a 1 inch low cushioned heel, while Latin dance styles require higher Cuban heels. Women will also typically select a lower, heel between 1.5 and 2 inches to increase control and stability.

Strength – A finely constructed shoe will have fine even stitching. For high strength foundations for dancing, seek SATRA approved polycarbonate heels and sports grade materials in the back of the shoe for shape retention.

Arch Support – The best practice shoes are developed with integral latex orthotic arch support to reduce stress on the foot. Avoid cheaply manufactured dance sneakers or jazz shoes for Ballroom dancing as these will not provide the same level of arch support as specialist practice shoes, which incorporate additional cushioning and gel foam padding.

Ventilation – Practice shoes get very hot during wear. Look for shoes designed from lightweight breathable materials, such as high quality.

Antibacterial Lining – High quality practice dance shoes will incorporate an antibacterial heat absorbent lining and socking to combat moisture and odour. This helps to keep feet feeling fresh and extend the lifespan of the shoe.

Quality Ballroom & Latin Practice Shoes From Ray Rose

At Ray Rose, we delight in creating high performance, quality dance shoes that support the athleticism and artistry of today’s modern Ballroom dancer. Our Ballroom practice dance shoes are worn extensively by professional dancers around the globe, with many of our styles developed and worn by world renowned dance champions, teachers and choreographers, such as Paolo Bosco, Davide Cacciari, Lorna Lee and Michael Stylianos.

For dance shoes designed to help you fulfil your potential, click here to browse our high quality range of stylish and comfortable practice dance shoes.

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