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What Is A Dancing ‘Figure’?

Dancing language can often sound like a strange code. With the right guidance and teaching, it is very easy to learn, and anybody can pick it up. Today, we delve into the meaning of a word that every keen dancer will quickly become very familiar with. The figure. What is it, and what does it

Fit To Dance: What Foods And Supplements Can Help You To Achieve Your Best Performance?

Dancer’s bodies are elite instruments, tuned to a level of athletic perfection that celebrates the natural grace and poise of the human form. However, research continually shows that a surprisingly high number of dancers do not always have the optimum nutritional balance to keep their bodies healthy. Given that professional dancers have more concern with physical aesthetics

Our 4 Favourite Cha-Cha Figures

When it comes to Cha-Cha figures, everyone has their favourites. Whether it’s one that is particularly enjoyable to perform, one that took superhuman effort to master, or whether it’s the one that first gave you that wonderful ‘ah-ah’ moment as the rhythm clicked into place, there are some moves that hold a special place in