Our 4 Favourite Cha-Cha Figures

Cha-Cha Figures

When it comes to Cha-Cha figures, everyone has their favourites. Whether it’s one that is particularly enjoyable to perform, one that took superhuman effort to master, or whether it’s the one that first gave you that wonderful ‘ah-ah’ moment as the rhythm clicked into place, there are some moves that hold a special place in the heart. It’s no surprise that fans of the dance-floor can often be heard discussing their most beloved figures. So, in celebration of all things Latin American, here’s our list of our favourites from the International Cha-Cha Syllabus.

1) PreBronze: Shoulder To Shoulder

Nothing says Cha-Cha quite like this all-time classic figure. Simple, stylish, and perfect for developing the basics of posture and rhythm, the move is immediately recognisable. Similar in style to its Rumba cousin, this figure is important for developing that all-important communication between partners. It’s curious to think how many of the great dance partnerships may have begun with this beguilingly simple figure.

2) Bronze: Alemana

With its evocative name, which translates as ‘German’, the Alemana is a long-standing favourite. Commencing in the fan position, this figure is attention-grabbing from the start, and is steeped in Latin flare. For anyone who has mastered all of the prebronze figures, the Alemana is a rewarding treat that truly adds an impressive edge to a performance. This is not least because it can be highly versatile, offering ample opportunity for subtle variations that enable Latin performers to truly make it their own.

3) Silver: Open Hip Twist

This figure is all about understated elegance. Featuring both a Slip Chasse and a Hip Twist Chasse, the open hip twist is often the first of the fancier Cha-Cha figures that is learned. The delicate spiralling action speaks of floral fluidity, whilst perfecting the figure is a matter of very neat footwork. This means that mastering it is a very rewarding achievement.

4) Gold: Hip Twist Spiral

Staying in the realm of twisting hips, the Hip Twist Spiral is one of the most easily recognisable of the gold Cha Cha figures. Combining a purposeful Checked Forward Walk, a Chasse, tight Turns, and a Diagonal Forward Lock, the Hip Twist Spiral captures the drama of the Latin romantic spirit. It also gives a perfect demonstration of that all-important Cuban heel, and we like it because this figure demands absolute perfection from the shoe. Mastering this figure requires not only excellent control and timing, but demands true passion. This may be why it looks so good on the dance floor, and why so many people rate it as one of their favourites to perform.

Cha Cha Versatility

The International Cha Cha syllabus is one of the most versatile. As such, many people begin their ballroom dancing journey with its well-known and well-loved figures. Cha Cha choreography always promises a stunning visual experience, and demands a precision performance from the dancers. Whether your favourite figures are Twists, Curls, or Spirals, once they have been learned, all are unforgettable additions to any repertoire. For a great selection of Latin American shoes for men and ladies please take a look at our Latin American shoe range.

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