A Quick Gift Guide for Christmas


It’s almost that time of year again! If you’re wondering what sort of gifts your Ballroom and Latin dancing friends might adore, look no further. We’ve asked our team to get their ideas together, and put it to the vote. These are the most practical, useful, and thoughtful gift ideas for your dance-loving nearest and dearests.

For The Beginner

A New Bag

One of the biggest – and most exciting – challenges for a beginner is gathering all of those little bits and pieces that old pros take for granted. Sometimes this can include the very basics, such as a dance bag. In today’s world of digital creativity, there are plenty of companies that allow you to design your own, so you could inspire your loved one with a personalised tote bag.

New Shoes

Here at Ray Rose, we’re all about shoes, so this idea has to make the list. However, whether you shop with us or not, new shoes are always a helpful and thoughtful gift for a beginner. They can be a serious investment, and every little helps. Just make sure that you look for those crucial features: sports-grade materials, suede soles, an orthopaedic design, quality leather, and strength. Our Sapphire range for adults is designed with all of these features in mind, whilst our children’s range focuses heavily on orthopaedic design to protect growing feet.

A Ballroom and Latin Dancing Book

It’s true that the Internet is awash with information, but there’s nothing quite like an authoritative text. The world of Ballroom and Latin dancing can be filled with difficult language, unfamiliar techniques, and names from history that only dancing enthusiasts know, and many dancing websites use terms that a beginner may find impenetrable. Give your loved one a head start with a comprehensive guide. You can find some reviews and ideas here!

For the Enthusiast

Leg Warmers

Think of dancing, and no doubt the image of the iconic leg warmer will spring to mind. Although we associate Ballroom and Latin dancing with designer shoes and extravagant clothing, behind the scenes there are a lot of leotards and chilly legs! In fact, very little has changed since the days of Flashdance. When you buy leg warmers, be sure to get them from a dance retailer, as the woolly versions on the high-street won’t necessarily withstand the intensity of a dance work-out.

A Comfortable Kimono and Soft Slippers

No matter how well-designed and crafted dancing shoes are, there comes a time in every dancer’s life when we want nothing more than to slip out of the heels and into something soft. A silky kimono is perfect for after that post-practice shower, or when getting ready for the next performance. Our elegant black kimono is matched by super-soft slippers, with extra-deep padding to soothe tired feet. A crucial part of a dancer’s kit, and perfect gifts.

Dance Your Way Into Christmas

This has certainly got us in the mood for a bit of Yuletide shopping! Our closing thoughts are that dancing clothes, shoes, and accessories make wonderful gifts to give people, but make sure you keep quality in mind if you want your presents to endure.

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