Is Your Footwear Encouraging Your Students To Wear The Correct Dancing Shoes?

Do you hold fond memories a profound dancing teacher?

You’re not alone. Teachers are a powerful influence on the personal and professional development of their students, and many of us are fortunate to credit valuable parts of our achievements to the inspiration of a tutor.

This is not a surprise. The fact that teachers are “great leaders in disguise” is something that academic research has proved time and time again.

Today, we take a look at the vital role that teachers play in nurturing the development of dancing students, and how you can harness the power of influence to fuel the development of your class.

Transforming By Leading

The type of leadership that teachers excel at is called ‘transformational’. It’s a dramatic word, and – as any student and teacher knows – it is well earned. Students admire transformational leaders and want to follow their example. They might be keen to follow their teacher’s work ethic, their enthusiasm, their dedication, or their talent. In short, all of the qualities that students need in order to thrive.

In fact, transformational leaders have such a powerful influence that people follow every example that they set, right down to the clothes that they wear. Teachers can use this skill to instil good habits in students without having to dictate.

Rather than telling students that they will improve by wearing correct dancewear, such as professional dance shoes, transformational leaders simply have to wear a pair themselves and let the power of leadership do the rest.

All Eyes Are On The Feet

To be a teacher is to be watched – intently – by minds that are following every word and movement. This means that in Ballroom and Latin dancing, the teacher’s dance shoes will – inevitably – have quite an audience.

This is important: One of the major anxieties that students report is what type of shoes they should wear.

Most teachers begin with the logical and sound advice of “wear whatever is comfortable”. However, many students quickly want to invest in something that looks the part, and this can lead to trouble further down the line.

Hastily bought substandard footwear can impede performance, and has been linked to injury. Medical professionals advise that all dancers wear proper footwear in order to avoid problems.

By teaching in professional dance shoes, teachers communicate exactly what to wear in order to strive towards perfection.

Leading By Example

Teachers are the beating heart of Ballroom and Latin dancing. Inspired leaders, they fuel creativity, drive passion, and nurture skill. Transforming students, teachers are people that everyone treasures.

With this influence comes great responsibility. By leading through example, teachers can gently guide their students towards correct habits, whether that is the perfect posture, the right attitude, or simply the type of dance shoes that will help students to unlock their full potential.

To chat about how you can send the best example to your students, get in touch with Ray Rose. We’ve been working with the best teachers for years, and we’re always happy to chat about this unique and vital blend of leadership.

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