Grace Cinque-White Endorses Ray Rose Latin Dance Shoes

At Ray Rose, we take pride in creating stylish, comfortable, high performance Ballroom and Latin dance shoes. So, we are always delighted to receive positive feedback from respected professional dancers and dance teachers, such as Grace Cinque-White.

Grace is a London based dancer and teacher, experienced in instructing Ballroom and Latin dancing to both adults and children. As a dedicated dancer and performer, Grace frequently stars in music videos, dance shows and musicals. In her latest dance video, featuring captivating choreography to Nathan Lanier’s ‘Sand’, Grace partnered with Italian dancer Pasquale La Rocca and her favourite pair of Ray Rose dance shoes.

High Performance Reliability To Meet Any Challenge

Typically, professional suede soled dance shoes are worn on clean, dance floors or studios. However, this video was filmed in a factory; where the dancers rehearsed and performed on a soiled, uneven concrete floor. To meet the demands of the location, Grace chose the reliability, flexibility and versatility offered by Ray Rose ArtSport Latin sandals. In addition to high quality suede soles, these shoes are designed with stress tested polycarbonate heels, reinforced straps, integral metatarsal support and superior arch support.

Feedback from Grace Cinque-White

“Hello! I’d like to share a dance video I recently created, wearing my favourite Ray Rose shoes. We danced and rehearsed in a very dirty, concrete floor factory. My Ray Rose shoes were perfect and withstood the whole process! Thank you, Ray Rose.”

Stylish Dance Shoes To Support Every Performance

Visit our website today to find your perfect pair of Ray Rose Latin dance shoes, as worn and trusted by professional dancers, teachers and choreographers around the world. Or for expert guidance on how to chose Latin dance shoes click here to claim your FREE copy of our Complete Guide To Ladies Latin Dance Shoes.

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