How Much Do Dance Shoes Typically Cost?

How Much Do Dance Shoes Typically Cost

As Ballroom dance shoes can be a significant investment, dancers are often faced with the dilemma of how much they should spend and at what point to invest in quality dance shoes. As a general guide, it’s always best to choose the best quality you can afford from the outset, and to choose genuine dance shoes from a specialist manufacturer. This is because professional Ballroom dance shoes are designed to enhance technique through correct weight distribution and to provide the perfect level of traction with the floor for smooth turns and gliding steps.

Wearing the wrong type of shoes can also increase the risk of injury; either from strains, slips and trips, or through placing excessive pressure on the feet and joints. To protect your feet while dancing, it is always advisable to invest in flexible, supportive dance shoes made from strong, lightweight, quality sportswear materials with suede soles.

What Price Should You Expect To Pay For Good Quality Dance Shoes?

It is possible to find imported dance shoes for sale for as little as €30, however these brands are best avoided as they are manufactured using poorer quality materials. If you are serious about dancing then these shoes are a poor investment, as they are likely to wear out quickly and provide insufficient support for your feet.

Shoes For Social Dancing

If you’re a passionate social dancer, you’ll need stylish shoes with good level of padding in the insole for extra comfort as you dance the night away. A durable and comfortable pair of social dancing shoes typically costs between €75 and €150.

High Performance Dance Shoes

Ballroom and Latin dance shoes for competitions or practice need to provide long lasting comfort and exceptional support. These shoes are crafted from fine leather or satin, with inbuilt orthotic arch support, flexible insoles and shock absorbing gel padded cushioning for superior comfort. The heel must be strong enough to prevent the shoe from breaking under pressure, while the back of the shoe must retain its shape when hot.

High performance dance shoes such as these are worn and recommended by professional dancers and teachers, costing between €90 and €170. As this is quite a wide variation, it can help to look for the following features in a dance shoe to determine whether you are getting the best value:

  • High quality satin, or breathable leathers, suedes or patent
  • High quality patent tested for durability and flexibility
  • Gel padding for optimum cushioning
  • Anti-microbial socking and lining for freshness
  • SATRA tested and approved high strength polycarbonate heels with anti-slip heel tips
  • Charcoal impregnated latex orthotics with integral arch and metatarsal support
  • Sports grade materials throughout the back of the shoe for unrivalled strength

High Performance Dance Shoes From Ray Rose

Ray Rose produce the highest quality Latin and Ballroom dance shoes, catering for all ages and abilities. Shipping to customers worldwide, Ray Rose shoes are available in two high performance ranges: ArtSport, for competitors and Sapphire for beginners and social dancers.

Ray Rose shoes are designed in Britain, combining the expertise of physiotherapists and dance champions with sports innovation, the finest materials and traditional workmanship to create beautiful, high performance dance shoes. To enable dancers of all abilities to benefit from stylish, comfortable and protective footwear, Ray Rose dance shoes are priced very competitively, making Ray Rose the choice of champions, professional dancers, teachers and choreographers around the world.

As our designs are constantly refreshed, you may even be lucky enough to find your perfect pair of Ray Rose dance shoes at a reduced price in one of our sales! Why not take a look now?

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