How To Choose Comfortable Ballroom Dance Shoes For Teaching

How To Choose Comfortable Ballroom Dance Shoes For Teaching

Although Ballroom dancing has a legacy that dates back to the late sixteen century, modern Ballroom dancing has soared in popularity following the success of reality TV shows around the globe, such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars. With viewers inspired by the dedication and passion of the dancers, expressive routines and glamourous costumes, the number of people wanting to learn how to dance has rocketed among all ages, leading to greater opportunities for Ballroom dance teachers.

While beginners can certainly benefit from investing in dance shoes as early in their development as possible, high quality, comfortable Ballroom dance shoes are a fundamental requirement for dance teachers, instructors and choreographers.

Comfort & Confidence

Teaching demands an innate understanding of the dynamics, form and footwork of each type of dance in both the lead and follow roles. The ability to demonstrate the correct technique is assisted by wearing adaptable, suede soled dance shoes that can be worn while transitioning between a wide range of Ballroom dance styles. As dance teachers will spend extensive amounts of time on their feet during classes and also during practice, an advanced combination of support, flexibility and breathability in the construction of the shoe is essential for maintaining comfort.

Choose Quality Materials For Lasting Style

Professional dance shoes can be expensive, especially if you require multiple pairs. Choosing brands that have been finely crafted from high quality materials will help you to gain the maximum longevity and satisfaction from your shoes. The finest shoes are manufactured from a lightweight, breathable material, such as leather, suede or lycra mesh. Additional quality features such as antibacterial, heat absorbent socking and lining helps to combat moisture and odour to further increase comfort and longevity.

Types Of Ballroom Dance Shoe Worn By Teachers

Comfortable, stylish and flexible dance shoes for teaching come in a wide variety of designs and styles, including:

Ballroom Dance Shoes – Developed to provide stability, support and cushioning throughout the shoe, high performance Ballroom dance shoes provide high durability and strength during extensive wear. As these shoes are designed to mould to the shape of your feet with wear, many teachers favour a comfortable and reliable classic design from a quality manufacturer.

Practice Dance Shoes – These lightweight, flexible and stylish shoes are the ideal choice for professional dancers, teachers and choreographers. Practice shoes are typically laced, with a closed toe and constructed from perforated leather or sports lycra mesh. The best practice shoes are biomechanically developed with integral orthotic arch support, and high strength polycarbonate heels for increased stability. These shoes are extremely comfortable and supportive.

Quality First

Teachers should always invest in higher quality brands that focus on injury prevention and foot health. While price is a factor, these shoes are designed to last and are invaluable for serious professional dancers. Independent ballroom websites and forums are a great way to research the brands worn and relied on by professionals.

Comfortable Ballroom Dance Shoes From Ray Rose

Ray Rose shoes are a leading supplier of the highest quality, professional dance shoes. With over 30 years of experience creating beautifully balanced, stylish designs, our exclusive range is continuously improved and refreshed in partnership with championship dancers, celebrated coaches and internationally respected physiotherapists.

Ray Rose dance shoes offer superior protection, support and comfort; making Ray Rose a trusted choice for professional dancers, teachers and choreographers around the world.

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