How To Properly Clean The Soles Of Dance Shoes

How To Properly Clean The Soles Of Dance Shoes

Dance shoes will inevitably collect dust and floor wax. Unfortunately most dance shoes aren’t suitable for the washer or dryer. You should clean your shoes after every performance, or at least once a week to prolong their lifespan. You should also invest in a good quality shoe brush and chamois leather polish cloth.

Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

Loosen Any Dirt

Lightly use the tip of the shoe brush bristles to loosen any dirt on the soles. Brush away from yourself from the centre outwards and, preferably, have a waste paper basket ready to collect the dust. Use the whole brush to reach all parts of the shoe, including the heel. Give the sole an especially deep rub to release any embedded dirt. Do this before and after every lesson/training session in order to keep your soles in the best shape. You’ll quickly start to see the difference in texture as the sole regains its spring.

Don’t Panic About Shedding

Many people think of suede as being a sensitive material. In reality, while suede is easily damaged by water, it is a dense material, and is much happier with a vigorous dry brushing than when left to matte. Expect some fibres to shed. This is part of a healthy suede lifecycle, and will prolong the life of the shoes.

Invest In Decent Shoes

When it comes to dance shoe care, the quality of the materials makes a significant difference. A combination of excellent materials and perfect manufacturing results in a shoe that is straightforward to care for.

Refresh In The Freezer

Dance shoes absorb a lot of sweat, and this gives bacteria an excellent opportunity to breed. Sports footwear is notoriously unkind to the nose, and dance shoes are no exception! Thankfully, the Old Wives’ Tale about putting leather and silk in the freezer really does work. Make sure that the shoes are carefully placed in an airtight bag to protect them from moisture, and the icy conditions will do the rest of the work. By killing or slowing the growth of bacteria, the freezer can quickly freshen up any pair of shoes. Using a set of ‘odour eaters’ while dancing will also help keep your dance shoes fresh.

Act Fast

For stains in the leather uppers, quick attention after each rehearsal is the key. Simply use a damp paper towel to wipe off any grime before it has a chance to set in. Frequently treating the shoes with professional leather cleaner is also helpful. This keeps the natural barrier intact, preventing dirt from settling and water from penetrating the shoe.

Get In Touch

Regular care and attention goes a long way towards ensuring that dance shoes remain beautiful enough to waltz another day. Simple habits, such as brushing before and after each practice, pay dividends in the long run. At Ray Rose, we love everything to do with ballroom and Latin dance shoes, and that includes ensuring our clients feel confident caring for them. If you would like help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

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