5 Tips For Men Who Want To Find The Perfect Pair Of Ballroom Dance Shoes

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of ballroom dance shoes, then we’re talking about the most classic style: patent leather lace-up Oxfords.

It is often said that men have an easier time buying professional dance shoes than their partners. Not having to navigate the dizzy heights of the stiletto means fewer choices.

However, if you’ve had headaches trying to find a pair of men’s ballroom dance shoes that are comfortable, reliable, good quality, and which look the part, you’re far from alone. Many manufacturers seem to forget that men’s feet may be wide, and that shoes might have to withstand being put through some serious paces.

Here are five tips from our specialist team that will help you to find that perfect match.

1) Check The Heel Size

Ballroom dancing shoes have a heel height of about one inch. That’s lower than Latin heels, which can be as high as two inches. Don’t make the mistake of trying to waltz in a Latin shoe! Many of the ballroom figures cannot be performed with a sizeable heel.

2) Get A Grip

The name of the genius who discovered that suede provides the perfect combination of grip and slide has been lost within the sands of time. However, every dancer owes a nod of thanks in that direction. Rubber soles can cause a range of injuries, particularly to the knee.

The suede solution, which allows a subtle grip, is designed to enable the correct level of soft friction to prevent jarring forces. If you have your sights set on the professional stages, such as Blackpool, suede soles are a requirement. It’s best to get used to them before gracing the performance floor, so make sure that your rehearsal shoes are similar to the main event.

3) Size Them Right!

Foot shape and size varies. This is where it helps to have professional ballroom dancing shoes that are designed and manufactured by experts.

Many manufacturers will offer their shoes in a variety of widths. However, this can cause problems. When shoes have been ergonomically designed – as all dancing shoes should be – widening or narrowing them can throw the delicate physics out of line.

In addition, feet continue to grow and widen with age. This is something to bear in mind when investing in new ballroom dancing shoes. If your old shoes are feeling a little tight, it might be time to consider thinking about a more generous width.

Check whether your provider has detailed understanding of creating ballroom dancing shoes for different widths. And, of course, always ask about any expected stretch!

4) Quality Check

Tennis players, track athletes, and footballers get to wear lightweight, breathable, yet heavy-duty shoes. Ballroom dancers have to exert similar energy but are required to do so in Oxfords.

As a result, many dancers find that they suffer discomfort and injuries as a result of substandard shoes. Finding dancing shoes that are designed and manufactured to a professional standard means that quality and safety are at the forefront.

This not only increases comfort but helps with issues such as durability.

5) Demand A Portfolio

Many dance manufacturers flaunt their success through their female ranges. There are at least 23 different heel types for ladies shoes, and each designer will have their own take on aspects such as height, width, and angle. This variety can eclipse the men’s portfolio.

In reality, the design of men’s ballroom dancing shoes is every bit as complex as the female range. Always look for a shoe manufacturer who has a variety of shapes, widths, and materials. When it comes to shoes, one size does not fit all. The more extensive the portfolio, the more likely you are to find the perfect match.

The Right Shoes For You And Your Style

There is no need to keep it simple when hunting for the perfect pair of Oxfords. Every shoe is unique, and every partnership needs to start out on the right foot. Neither does it have to be a challenge. Online shopping brings entrancing ranges of shoes directly to your doorstep, meaning that you can take the time that you need to find the ideal pair.

Never settle for anything less than the highest quality, and let comfort be your guide for the rest. Today’s men’s ballroom dancing shoes are the result of dedicated innovation, so you should expect quality that rivals that of any pro-athlete equipment.

For more information, send an email, or simply give Ray Rose a call. Whatever you are looking for in your dream shoe, one of our designers will be happy to help.

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