International Dance Championships at the Royal Albert Hall Last Month – What An Event!

Last month we joined some of the world’s finest ballroom dancers for the International Dance Championships at the Royal Albert Hall. Taking place on October 11th, the glittering event was the date in our 2018 events diary.

Proud, historic, and enduringly prestigious, the annual International Dance Championships are the focus of the dancing elite. After last year’s unforgettably sensual rumba by the ever-wonderful Riccardo and Yulia, this year’s battle of the greatest was as spectacular as ever.

Competition Highlights

The full host of dance glitterati were in attendance at the event. Aside from Riccardo and Yulia, there were two couples representing the USA in the top five, each putting in elegant performances. Third-ranking Stefano Di Filippo and Daria Chesnokova, and Troels Bager and Jeliaszkova, were as impressive as we’ve come to expect over the past few years. It was also good to see our very own Gunnar Gunnarsson and Marika Doshoris, who are currently shining for England.

This year, our eyes were on everyone taking a pair of our dance shoes out into their natural habitat! It was great to see what happens when those suede soles kiss the boards.

A Dance Floor Like No Other

Most people already know about the unique magic of the Royal Albert Hall, but few people know that the dance floor itself is equally unusual. One of the aspects to designing the perfect shoe is studying different types of performance surface, and how the shoe will respond. The International Dance Championships use a highly varnished 18mm birch ply sprung dance floor, (which you can see here, if you’re interested), which feels quite different underfoot to the more common surfaces such as maple or synthetic. It’s medium-soft, which can cause poorly supported heels to wobble. Thankfully, most of the competition dancers wore reinforced poly-carbon heels with a strong steel core! Watching how the footwear responds on this specialist surface adds an extra layer of intensity to the International, and makes it all the more fascinating for shoe-gazers.

Till The Next Time!

As the famous saying goes, amicitia per choros – friendship through dance – and events such as these bring that meaning to life.

If you took part in this year’s championships, we’d like to thank you for another enjoyable and entertaining competition. And to all of our clients who will be showcasing our shoes in dance events over the coming months – both from the UK and abroad – thank you for your support and we wish you the best of luck!

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