Get Ready For The Ray Rose Black Friday Sale!

Get Ready For The Ray Rose Black Friday Sale

This year, Ray Rose is getting in on the Black Friday action again, and we’re throwing ourselves in at the deep end, with enormous discounts being offered on some of our lines. We’ll be teasing which products will be getting the Black Friday treatment in the lead up to the sale, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

About Our Products

It’s been a decade of intensive research for Ray Rose, so some of these products are worth consideration while they are on offer. We’re proud of what we have managed to achieve, particularly in the development of Polycarbonate and Anti-Slip heels, and in ergonomic design. By taking the body of scientific literature regarding musculoskeletal injuries as our starting point, we have focused upon engineering orthotic solutions that put dancer safety on the forward foot.

It’s An Evolution

This issue of orthotics is one of the reasons why dancing shoes need to evolve throughout a dancer’s career. Our Sapphire range, for instance, features models with an arch shape better suited for beginners or occasional dancers. Our ArtSport range, on the other hand, is all about the synergy of balance and support that the professional dancer demands. These shoes are carefully crafted to work with the foot’s structure so that forces are absorbed and redirected away from delicate bones such as the metatarsal.

Don’t Be Shy!

Therefore, it might be worth getting in touch ahead of Black Friday to see whether your current shoes are still supporting your feet as they should, or whether your evolution as a dancer means that your foot-upgrade needs to be matched with an upgraded shoe. There’s no better time to think about it than in the biggest sale of the year.

Thank You

And, to all of our email subscribers – who are an important part of the Ray Rose family – as a thank-you, we’ll be letting you know about some of the big discounts first. If any non-subscribers would like to join us, you can register here.

We’re excited about Black Friday. It’s a wonderful chance to be able to offer our devotees a special treat, and to introduce future devotees to the Ray Rose fan club. After all, the more dancers with superior shoes, the better the performances, and that’s something that we can all enjoy! So, keep watching, keep dancing, and we’ll announce more soon.

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