How To Buy The Perfect Ballroom Dancing Shoes For The Women In Your Life

There are few gifts as thoughtful for the dancing women in your life as a new pair of professional ballroom dancing shoes. Yet, it sometimes helps to have a bit of guidance when purchasing shoes for someone else.

The ideal dancing shoes are comfortable, stylish, and will glimmer contentedly with the rest of the wardrobe for decades to come. But how much glitter is too much? How much heel is too vertiginous?

Having provided quality dancing shoes to the stars for over thirty years, we at Ray Rose have learned what makes the ultimate pair of dancing shoes.

Here’s our quick guide!


There are two key elements to comfort. The first is the accuracy of the fit. Dancing shoes are to the dancer as running shoes are to the athlete, so the fit is paramount.

Even if your dancing friend takes only the occasional foray onto the boards, dance is still a sport. For the best possible performance, shoes should be well-made and a perfect fit. Ballroom and Latin dance shoes should always be close fitting for maximum stability and control. A natural extension of the body, shoes need to hug the feet.

But how to ensure the correct fit?

Ballroom Shoe Sizing

There are often differences between the measurements used for street shoe sizes and dancing shoes. However, this doesn’t have to create headaches.

To know how to find the perfect fit for professional ballroom dancing shoes, always check the size guide. Nowadays, most ballroom shoe investments are purchased online, so you should expect your retailer to offer detailed advice about the correct heel and width heights for different foot lengths.


The second point of consideration is quality. Today’s professional dancewear is made to competitive athletic standard, meaning that a range of enhancements are available. For instance, you might want to consider shoes that have metatarsal support, which helps to reduce the risk of injury, and polycarbon heels.

Quality makes a significant difference to a shoe. It increases the shoe’s lifespan, and it has also been shown to enhance performance. Quality shoes enable a dancer to feel the boards, whilst also increasing their stability and posture. Professional shoes add a glittering lift at any level.


In terms of their aesthetics, the overall style of ladies’ professional ballroom shoes has barely changed over the years. The real difference is found in the hidden science that goes into the material, support, and shape.

As such, nude satin remains the norm for both standard and smooth. Although sparkles are more than acceptable – and are the perfect accompaniment to many outfits – most ladies’ ballroom shoes are an understated, natural hue. With a closed toe and a heel of between 2 and 2.5 inches, these delicate-looking shoes are surprising in their sturdiness.

Look for a soft, shimmery glimmer for the outer. For the inner, consider a refreshing antibacterial coating for maximum comfort.


Of all the items in the wardrobe of a dancer, shoes have the hardest task to perform. Every element of the footwear needs to be at once elegant and tenacious in its durability.

Today, it is possible to treat the dancers in your life to shoes that rival any other professional athletic sport. Expect shoes to be designed not only with high quality materials, but also with a significant helping of features such as polycarbon heels, ergonomics, and orthotics. These combine to offer protective properties as well as qualities that contribute towards control and stability.

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