Investing In Quality: Why Innovation Makes The Difference

Investing In Quality - Why Innovation Makes The Difference

The most successful companies have innovative environments, and Ray Rose is a firm supporter of this attitude. Innovation matters in the world of professional dance shoes because – like other sports such as athletics – great equipment really does make all the difference. When it comes to professional dancing, subtle developments in material technology and design can make a big impact on comfort, safety, and support.

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Here are the two latest examples of how Ray Rose’s investment in innovation and quality are dancing into the spotlight.

1) Suave In Suede

Nappa Suede Leather is more durable than other suede, whilst being valued for its extremely soft touch. It is a high quality material that is treated with finishes that enhance its natural features. Ray Rose is currently using this remarkable material for several of our latest professional men’s Latin shoes. These include the lively Zephyr, the elegant Caspian, and the stunning Bryan Watson (designed by the great man himself!).

2) Making An Impact

Finding ways to improve heels is always at the top of the agenda. Every professional dancer knows that heel quality is linked to stability, increased ergonomic support, and heightened control. What is less well known is that the art of a quality heel involves advanced mechanics that enable materials to work in harmony with the body and the dance floor.

For instance, the Ray Rose Impact Heel brings together Poron® polyurethane, polycarbon, and durable suede. The polycarbon heel is ultra-strong and ultra lightweight, and its butadiene particles – which absorb the energy from impacts – make it a ballroom and Latin essential. Poron® polyurethane takes that impact resistance one step further with elastic properties that make for excellent compression and forgiving cushioning.

Every cake needs a little icing, and the Impact Heel is finished with smart suede. This extends slightly up the back of the heel to prevent peeling, whilst the additional grip allows the dancer to flaunt their figures.

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