Why You Should Never Compromise On Quality With Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Becoming an accomplished male Ballroom dancer takes ambition, commitment and focus. Hours of training and practice are required to gain the strength, elegance and perfect technique that will attract the finest dance partners, enabling you to progress at competition level. This level of intense training requires high performance dance shoes.

Men’s Ballroom dance shoes for competitions are typically limited in style to resemble an Oxford dress shoe in black or patent black leather with a wide 1 inch heel. While on the surface these shoes may look similar, not all Ballroom dance shoes are created equal, with brands varying significantly in quality and comfort. This can make it difficult to evaluate whether you’re getting good value for money when sourcing dance shoes, unless you know exactly what features to look for in a quality shoe.

The Importance Of Quality When Buying Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom dance shoes are specially designed to absorb shock and support a dancer’s feet, by alleviating pressure on the feet, knees, hips, joints and supporting muscles. As repetitive strain injuries can cause unaffordable delays in training schedules, the risks can be minimised by choosing well fitting, premium quality dance shoes that distribute weight correctly across the foot and hold the foot in balanced alignment inside the shoe.

Demanding routines and extended training periods subject dance shoes to regular wear and tear. The lightweight materials used throughout the shoe must be capable of maintaining shape and stability when hot and have the strength to withstand stress. This is where high performance brands provide a competitive advantage over cheaply manufactured shoes. Investing in quality increases the working lifespan of your shoes, saving money long term, but more importantly, providing a reliable and supportive foundation to enhance your dancing.

How To Identify Quality Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

A superior dance shoe combines quality design, quality materials and quality manufacture. A quality designer respects timeless style and traditional workmanship, while celebrating the benefits of innovative sports grade materials; such as charcoal impregnated latex orthotics with integral arch supports, antibacterial microfibre sock and lining and high strength polycarbonate heels. These are the details that set an exceptional dance shoe apart from an average dance shoe.

When choosing Ballroom dance shoes for comfort, durability and performance you should look for the following quality indicators:

Quality leather uppers – Whether suede, nubuck, patent leather or traditional leather, this durable, high strength material is naturally breathable. Leather softens with wear and adapts to the shape of the foot for increased comfort. Leather is also easy to clean and maintain.

Sports grade materials – The quality of the materials used to construct the heels, insoles and linings can make a large difference to the overall performance of the shoe. Sports grade materials in the back of the shoe maintain shape to prevent the shoe from slipping when hot, while ultra-flexible latex innersoles allow for superior movement. Sports orthotics provide protective metatarsal and arch support, with gel foam padding and shock absorbent heel cushioning reducing pressure and discomfort.

Suede Soles – A suede sole provides the correct combination of traction and control; allowing the dancer to feel grounded to the dance floor through the shoe for fluid motion and smooth turns. The sole will need to be cleaned with a wire sole brush regularly to maintain the condition and nap of the sole for optimum traction.

Quality manufacture – As the market is rife with cheaply manufactured, mass-produced, imported dance shoes, always establish where the shoes have been manufactured and whether they are sold in European, US or UK sizes to obtain the correct fit. A manufacturer that takes pride in their quality standards will be happy to explain how and where their shoes are made. If possible, visually assess the shoes to check that the stitching of the upper is fine and even, as this is important for increasing the overall strength of the shoe.

Superior Quality From Ray Rose

At Ray Rose, we never compromise on quality. We are proud of our reputation for outstanding performance and comfort that has made our ArtSport range of professional dance shoes a leading choice for competitors of all abilities around the globe. Despite only selling dance shoes of the highest quality materials and construction, our exclusive range of men’s Ballroom designs are surprisingly affordable, and can be purchased directly from our website or from a variety of international dancewear resellers.

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